Dual Enrollment

If you have taken a Dual course before, complete the Dual Enrollment form:          

NWFSC Dual Enrollment Form

  1. To view courses being offered, go to nwfsc.edu and select class search. Click on Summer Semester 2020 and go from there.
  2. Email your counselor regarding the courses you plan to take to ensure they meet your academic needs at both institutions. If it requires extensive discussion, your counselor may ask for your phone number to call you or we can Zoom.
  3. All information must be completed on the form. Double check before you send it so there is not a delay. Have both the student and parent sign. Then, scan or snap a photo of it and email it to dualenrollment@nwfsc.edu.
  4. Check your RaiderNet account for your schedule. If there are any problems, they will notify us. Please have your email notifications turned on or check it frequently. Sometimes the college will try to contact you, so make sure your information is accurate.

If you have not taken a Dual Enrollment course before, but you have completed all the requirements to be eligible (to include a 3.0 unweighted GPA, test scores, and applying online):

  1. Verify with your counselor that you meet the criteria to dual enroll.
  2. Schedule a time to discuss possible courses to take, virtually or on the phone.
  3. Follow the instructions for returning dual enrollment students.

If you need to take the PERT, complete a remote testing request using this link: NWFSC Remote Testing Request Link

If you would like to print a copy of these instructions, click on the link below. 

2020 Dual Enrollment Procedures